This is a Brant (or Brent) Goose:

Photo from Wikimedia Commons, by Tim Bowman, USFWS

Photo from Wikimedia Commons, by Tim Bowman, USFWS

These are brambles:



This is a blog where I rant and ramble about things, called Brants and Brambles.
That’s pretty much all there is to it. I wanted my own little patch of internet to go on about things, so I’ve set up camp here.

Aside from personal stuff, I’ll write about things like mental health issues, spirituality, politics, and social justice issues. There might be some poetry or prose mixed in.

For a sense of what perspective I’m operating from:

I fall towards the middle of the bottom left quadrant of the political compass at present, I care deeply about all of humanity, and I’m happy to say I’m a feminist. I also have a fondness for conspiracy theories and the paranormal, and I am a horror movie junkie.

I grew up in a conservative Christian environment, and have emerged a very different person with very different views than what I was raised with. I’m roughly Christian, with a Universalist bent and an interest in Gnostic and Esoteric traditions, but my relationship to religion and spirituality is complicated right now. I believe that spirituality is a deeply personal thing; the only religious belief I hold for certain at this point is that it is not my place to judge. I also have a deep appreciation for ritual and symbolism.

I’m currently in the middle of deep and messy healing and restructuring process. I left the church I was raised in a couple years ago after realizing that by the church’s own rules (which I firmly believed in at the time) I could no longer justify participating in communion. This realization called into question virtually all of my relationships and beliefs, as well as my identity and sense of self. It destroyed me, and as the process unfolded I became increasingly isolated. Now that I’ve had time to let things settle, I’m working on rebuilding myself while sorting out what I want to reclaim from my past and what I want to leave behind. I see starting this blog as part of this process, and I hope to connect with other people who have undergone or are undergoing similar processes. I also hope that by openly discussing some of my experiences, maybe I can offer some sort of comfort to people going through these things in the future.


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  1. Thanks for following me as I journey through the ups and downs of life with depression! 🙂 Happy to find someone who’s also committed to healing the world! I’d like to invite you to connect on Facebook as well — I recently created a page for my blog specifically to facilitate communication with fellow sojourners. Hope you connect with you there! 🙂


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